Why 3DViewerOnline?
It’s easy and quick, no software is required to use the service, it’s safe (your files are private) and it works on every device and OS (PCs,tablets,smartphones).
Which are the main features?
Realistic 3D visualisation of your models, quick measurement and inspection tools, collaboration tools to share feedback and easy embedding of 3D models in your website.
Which are the supported formats?
The following formats are supported: STEP, IGS, OBJ with MTL and texture, STL with colors, PLY (only mesh and no colors), DWG and DXF (2D). We support the most widely used 3D and CAD neutral data format, exportable by any modelling software.
How to load STEP,IGS,OBJ (only 3D model),STL,PLY,DWG and DXF ?
Click on the Upload button, click on the upload area or simply drag and drop the desired file. Check out our help section for more information.
Which DWG and DXF entities are supported?
Most of the 2D entities are supported, 3D solids are not supported.
How to load OBJ with MTL and Texture?
Before uploading create a zip file containing your OBJ (3D model), the MTL related (Material Template Library) and all the texture pictures in GIF,JPEG, TGA or PNG format. Make sure the paths describing the position of your mtl and texture pictures are correct.
How many models can be uploaded per single user?
10 models can be uploaded with a free account. 25 GB of storage is provided with the Premium account and 1 TB of storage is provided with the Business account, no matter the number of models.
What is the difference between the free and the premium/business account?
Please check out our plans available. The Premium and Business accounts allow a deeper customisation of the 3D viewer layout, allow multiple uploads, provide better collaboration features, better support and more storage.
How does the billing work?
You can be billed monthly or yearly depending on the option chosen. You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page, the service will be active till the end of the billing period. If you pay with Bank Transfer, the subscription will not be renewed automatically.
Which forms of payment are accepted?
Credit Cards (through Stripe), PayPal and Bank Transfers (1 year payment minimum).
Are my files protected against cyber spying?
Each page is dynamically created with a 15 digits alphanumeric string, making very difficult to access it without knowing the URL.
Is my browser ready to use 3D Viewer?
The viewer is based on WebGL, a Javascript 3D engine that runs now on all recent browsers.
How can I get in touch with the 3DVieweronline team?
Please use the contact form available in our home page.