How to view a STL file with 3DVieweronline

STL (Stereolithography) is a file format widely used in 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and computer-aided design (CAD) for representing 3D models. It’s a triangular mesh format that stores information about a 3D model’s surface geometry, including its vertices, edges, and normal vectors. 

The information in an STL file is used to generate toolpaths for 3D printers or to prepare 3D models for use in other software applications. 

They are also used to create physical prototypes of objects through various additive manufacturing processes, including stereolithography and selective laser sintering.

STL files are used across a wide range of industries, including : 

  • Manufacturing and engineering: STL files for 3d are used to design and manufacture prototypes. 
  • Healthcare: used in the development of medical devices, prosthetics, and surgical planning.
  • Architecture and construction: the files are used in the design and modelling of buildings and structures, as well as in the creation of architectural visualization and simulations.
  • Education and research: STL are used for teaching and learning in engineering and design programs, as well as for scientific visualization and research purposes.
  • Consumer goods and hobby: they are used for hobby projects aimed at creating toys, figurines, and other consumer goods, as well as for prototyping and customizing products
  • Art and design: the files are used for creating 3D models used in movies, video games, and other creative industries.

STL files are also a very common outcome of 3D scanning processes, where the shape and appearance of a real-world object or environment is captured to create its digital representation.

Viewing a STL file with 3DVieweronline requires only a few simple steps:

Steps to view a STL file with 3DViewer online

  • Log in (or create a free account) and upload the STL file you want to visualize
  • Open the uploaded file (3DVieweronline doesn’t require any software, it runs directly on your browser)
  • Perform all the actions that you would normally do to inspect the 3D model such as rotate, zoom in/out, measure, section and more

STL files can be easily shared thanks to the 3D Viewer collaboration features:

  • Click on the link icon to share the URL of your STL file with who you want
  • Click on the comment icon to load the 3D file with the collaboration tools enabled. This will allow you and anybody else collaborating to review the 3D file by creating comments and markups

3DVieweronline can be used on many different industry sectors, more than 17 as today, without the need of being a skilled engineer and without a 3D software knowledge. Powered by WebGL, the 3D Viewer runs smoothly on any device, laptop, tablet or mobile, with a modern browser.