OBJ Viewer

Obj viewer is an open file format widely used in 3D graphics.

It’s a simple data-format that stores information about a 3D model’s geometry, including its vertices, faces, vertex normals and UV position of each texture coordinate vertex in case of texture applied. Because of its simplicity and realism, especially when associated to a MTL material file, OBJ files are supported and exportable by almost every 3D design software.

3D Viewer online is an online OBJ viewer

3D viewer allows you to easily visualise OBJ 3D models directly on the browser, with or without the support of texture and MTL files, letting you perform all the actions that you would normally do to inspect a OBJ 3D model such as rotate, zoom in/out, measure and more.

3d viewer functionality for 3d rendering

Other than just viewing a 3D model, with the online OBJ viewer you will be able to do a lot of things for your 3d rendering:

  • View/Inspect a OBJ 3D model
  • Share the OBJ 3D model with your collaborators
  • Take a screenshot of the OBJ 3D model
  • Download the OBJ 3D model
  • Measure the OBJ 3D model (distance between points, overall size, diameter)
  • View the online OBJ model in full screen
  • View the online OBJ model from tablets and mobile devices
  • Select a predefined View (Top, Right, etc..)

All these functions are available on the online OBJ viewer toolbar located on the top left part of the screen and do not require any previous knowledge of a 3D software.

Useful actions on OBJ 3D models.

The measuring functions of the online 3D OBJ viewer allow you to measure the distance between two points, the overall size of the 3D model and the diameter of a circular feature. In the picture below an example of a measurement of the overall 3D model size and a measurement between two points are presented.

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