Osculati chooses 3DVieweronline to support their ecommerce platform

Osculati Srl Case Study

Osculati is the leading company in Italy and one among the most important companies in Europe in the marine accessory market. More than 22000 catalogue references and the availability of 98% of them make Osculati’s stock department the largest marine accessory stock in Europe and one of the most well-stocked in the world. Osculati is the distributor of the leading international brands but it also boasts a production of over 7000 articles, designed and developed by the company’s Design & Engineering department.

Interview with Ulderico Bordoni, from Osculati’s Marketing Department.

Why did you need a 3D Visualisation tool for your products?

We constantly receive questions about our products from our typical customers, mostly regarding specific dimensions and details. This is causing our customer support team to be overloaded with requests. The 3D Viewer can help us reduce the workload, about 20% we estimate, since any dimension or detail can be checked directly from the 3D model embedded in our website.  

Which solutions were you using before the 3D Viewer?  

Before using the 3D Viewer, we were just using 2D drawings and pictures of our products. This however, did not provide enough information to our customers, which are shipyards, technicians and engineers interested in specific details and dimensions.

Did you try other 3D Visualisation tools?

Yes, before choosing the 3D Viewer we considered other more complex and expensive options. The 3D Viewer however was overall the best choice for us, since it is very easy to set up and use, adapting very well to our needs.

How is the 3D Viewer helping your business since its integration?

The 3D Viewer improved the user engagement on our website and reduced the workload on our customer support team, since our users can now check specific dimensions and details directly from the 3D models embedded in our website rather than sending us emails or calling us. We also believe that this tool will facilitate the collaboration with our current customers, and help us to gain new ones. 

How did you integrate the 3D Viewer in your website? 

We purchased the business subscription and used the 3D Viewer API to handle the upload and update of our products. The API documentation is clear and it was very easy to set it up. Regarding the iframe embedding used to embed the 3D models into our website, it was also a very easy process. The overall integration required about 4 days. 

Would you recommend 3DVieweronline to other people? 

Yes, we would definitely recommend the 3D Viewer as both a technical and a commercial tool. It’s very easy to use and can help you to generate a higher product engagement and push its promotion. 

 “Osculati: Boating simply”