GrabCad Workbench alternative

What is GrabCAD workbench?

GrabCAD workbench was introduced back in 2012, giving students and engineers a platform to share and collaborate on CAD models. The tool allowed its users to easily access CAD models, such as STEP, IGES or native CAD file formats, just with a web browser. Among the many appreciated features offered, there was the possibility to take measurements, create markups and communicate to get quick feedback from customers. 

When will GrabCAD workbench be discontinued?

On June 1st 2023 (12PM GMT), GrabCAD workbench will be discontinued as the company‚Äôs primary focus is now shifting more and more towards additive manufacturing.

Why is 3DVieweronline a good GrabCAD workbench alternative?

To keep supporting students and engineers on their journey, 3DVieweronline recently developed a new series of collaboration features which allows both CAD and non-CAD users to view, share and collaborate on their 3D models. The collaboration features allow multiple users to review a 3D model by creating comments, markups and attaching supporting documentation which is shared with the review team. 

3DVieweronline is a popular online collaboration platform for 3D models that allows you to view, publish and collaborate on 3D models. It is very easy to use and supports most 3D neutral file formats such as STEP, IGES, STL, OBJ and more. It is highly customizable in both appearance and functionalities.

3DVieweronline is designed to be simple, so that it can be used on many different industry sectors, more than 17 as today, without the need of being a skilled engineers and without any CAD software knowledge. Powered by WebGL, the 3D Viewer runs smoothly on any device, laptop, tablet or mobile, with a modern browser. 

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