Change background image and colors 3d viewer

The options in this menu will let you customize the main colors and layout of the 3D Viewer.

Change background image and colors:

Change the background image:

  • Enable the “Background image” switch.
  • Click Select to select a new image.
  • If you want to repeat the image to cover the entire screen, enable the “Repeat image” switch.

Remove the background image:

  1. Disable the “Background image” switch.

Change the background color:

  1. Click the “Inner” palette and select the inner color.
  2. Click the “Outer” palette and select the outer color.
  3. To have a uniform color, choose the same color in the “Inner” and “Outer” palette.

Set the background as transparent:

  1. Enable the “Transparent” switch.

Change the solid color:

  1. Click the “Main” palette and select the color.
  2. In the CAD viewer, this feature will always replace all the components color.
  3. In the Texture viewer, this feature will superimpose the chosen color on the Texture.