Customise the toolbar layout

The options in this menu will let you customize the model loading behaviour and the functions/elements available in the 3D Viewer toolbar and page.

Enable preview:

  • Enable the “Enable Preview” switch. If ON, the user will be requested to click on a play button in order to proceed loading the 3d model. This is advisable when embedding multiple models in a single page. If OFF, the model will be loaded directly.
  • Click Save Preview to create the preview.
  • The preview is displayed with the play button when “Enable Preview” is ON and as thumbnail for your 3d model in your account page.

Customise the toolbar:

  • All the toolbar functions can be disabled by clicking the correspondent switch.
  • To prevent people from downloading your model for instance, simply set “Disable download” to ON and the download button will disappear from the toolbar.

Hide the navigation buttons:

  • Set “Disable navigation buttons” to ON in order to hide the navigation menu.
  • The navigation menu consists of 4 direction arrows, a zoom in and a zoom out.

Hide the filename:

Enable “Hide Filename” to hide the file name.