Save the settings of your 3D model

The options in this menu will let you save the edited settings.

Save the settings only for the current model:

  • Click “Save” to save the current settings only for the current model.

Save the settings as new template:

  • Click “Save as Template” to save the current settings as template for the future models. This will replace the template only for the viewer in use (see below for more details).
  • You still need to save the current configuration to keep the changes for this model.
  • There are 3 templates used by the system to provide a better rendering: one for the CAD viewer, one for the Texture viewer and one for the drawings viewer (2D). The viewer used is reported in your page title and depends on the file uploaded as explained below.
  • CAD Viewer : .step,.iges,.stl,.obj
  • Texture Viewer : .zip file containing obj,mtl and texture
  • Drawings Viewer : .dwg,.dxf

Reset all the changes:

  • Click “Reset Changes” to restore the default settings.

Click “Save” or “Save as Template” to complete.